Saved by Silk

Planning a travel adventure? Sure, pack light. But, what if…? Don’t sleep in your underpants, when you can snuggle up in silk loungewear from Jane’s Vanity (also wearable for an impromptu cocktail party on the road). And don’t forget the JV “Last Night” lingerie piece. What is that? Read on…

Silk may seem an expendable luxury on a bare-bones trip. But, by its nature, stripped-down adventure comes with risk (and lack of amenities). Maybe that’s why we pursue it: to give ourselves a little shake up. All the more reason to pack silk lingerie from JV. It insulates, comforts, doubles as clothing, and will wash and dry quickly. Plus, it is ready in an emergency. The challenges of weather, illness, missed flights, and spilled soup are eased by an extra layer of silk.

So, we recommend two pieces: silk print pajamas and either a robe or a camisole set. The two items can alternate for a laundry day and, when necessary, layer up. And they will pack to nothing.

Start with a pair of classic-cut silk pajamas. Look like a 1930s movie heroine on a romp in choices from Morpho + Luna: the Dancing Butterfly Silk Pajamas in black, grey and ivory Katagami stencil print, the beautiful blues of the Jardin de Nuit Silk Pajamas, or the Lullaby Leaves Pajamas printed with flowers and vines in red, bronze, brown, and black.  

Any of these sets would look well with Studio Pia’s one-size Petra Amber Silk Robe. It is short and packable, with potential to be worn as a jacket on the street. Just add a silk camisole. Speaking of which:

A camisole set is the equivalent of spaghetti-strap shortie pajamas. Think of it as versatility personified. Christine Vancouver has the idea with her Luxe Silk Crepe Camisole Set in black. This charming number could be a beach cover-up or sleepwear. It would feel great under any of the pajamas or look fabulous with the Petra Robe for an afternoon jaunt.

But what about the JV “Last Night” item? That is a concept brought to our attention by artist, sculptor, and JV-regular c. l. bigelow. She likes to hide a carefully-wrapped JV piece in the bottom of her backpack, fresh and ready for her final night on the road. If you have a little extra room in your luggage, we vote for Christine Vancouver’s St. Tropez Silk Robe in silk charmeuse. Its swoony floral design is printed on the fabric’s matte side to leave its satin finish against the skin. Notice how this robe coordinates with the Luxe Silk Crepe Camisole Set, featured above. 

If you have only an envelope of space for the “Last night” reward, make it Emma Harris’s Celeste Champagne Camisole Set. That color: like whipped cream with a tiny shot of rum folded in. Hoorah.

Travel in style, wherever you go. With a few silky hints from your buddies at Jane’s Vanity.

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