Ethereal. Enchanting. Flirty. Feminine.

Elise Anderegg's creations are always imbued with the style and energy of the true coquette. Beginning in Switzerland then relocating to Paris, Elise pursued her passion for design to fulfill her lifelong dream: creating unique garments in Haute couture. She forged a path at the Maison Solstiss, one of the highly respected "Maisons de Dentelles" in France, creating lace designs for brands such as Chanel and Dior. In 2004, Elise found the perfect balance between her passion for haute couture and it's marvelous savoir-faire, launching her own brand to work lace and silk into her transparent, delicate creations. Elise's work features a touch of perfectionism, with its exquisite style and chic color palette that are nothing less than a tribute to the most fashionable Parisian woman.

Elise Anderegg

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