Holiday 2015 Lookbook

Our 2015 Holiday Lookbook was inspired by the richness of paintings by the Dutch Masters; their lavish textures, glowing Chiaroscuro light, and inescapably moody ambiance.
What better way to showcase our most decadent collections of the year?
Spoil her with the gift of luxury: these luscious collections will make her feel like a queen.



Photographer: George Barberis
Hair/Makeup: Kassandra Sommerville
Furniture & Props: Something Borrowed
Flowers: Spellbound Flowers 
Styling: Emily Tate
Models: Andrea Bartlow & Kate Schuette
Designers Featured: Gilda & Pearl, Cadolle, Meng, R. Crescentini, Marjolaine, Elise Anderegg, Cotton Club, Falke & Christine.

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