Scent of a Woman

In the famous tango scene from the 1992 Oscar-winning movie Scent of a Woman, The Tango - Scent of a Woman (4/8) Movie CLIP (1992) HD Al Pacino’s character explains to his potential dance partner, “No mistakes in the tango, Donna. Not like life. It’s simple. If you make a mistake, get all tangled up, just tango on.” Let’s try it, in Jane’s Vanity tango-worthy black. With a spritz of perfume at the nape of our necks, of course.

Hints for tango dancers suggest that the right dress will actually help you dance: by setting a joyful–and sociable–mood. The dress should be neither tight nor revealing. Not too short or obvious, either. Instead, it will feel “just right,” like a second skin.

In cooler weather, the knee-length Luxor Wool Silk Dress from Dana Pisarra would be tango-chic. Its sleek silhouette and slightly higher hem in front are complemented by unlined appliqué through sleeves and thighs and lined appliqué through the body. 

For warmer days and nights, Dana Pisarra’s Luxor Wool Silk Chemise would be a charming alternative, with double spaghetti straps and sheer lace inserts. Because the chemise hits at mid-thigh, consider adding Dana’s knee-length Liberty Black Wool Skirt underneath. Enjoy the surprise of its slightly higher hemline in front, inset with black embroidery. 

The Amelie Silk Slip from Emma Harris would double nicely as a dress on the dance floor. Its modest cut and luscious lace at hem require only two enhancements underneath: the Amelie Shaped Plunge Set for your bosom, and a pair of Falke’s Magic Evening Tights for your lovely legs.

Tango is an opportunity to shine from all angles. Let Christine Vancouver showcase your shoulder blades with the Moonlight Velvet Gown. Its criss-cross spaghetti straps segue to a low back with draped cowl detailing. In front, its moody print on black silk velvet guides the eye to a single high slit leg. For tango, the hem should stop short of your ankle and show your strappy dance sandals. 

For a special night (and scintillating partner), add the opera-length Orunée Gloves from Hervé by Céline Marie in black mesh with gold lace appliqué.

Now step into magic, in your beautiful tango ensemble from Jane’s Vanity.

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