A Place in the Sun

To shake off the last traces of a bad cold, whisk yourself off for a week of sun and surf. Pack your fluttery JV togs, book a lounge chair, and partake of the healing powers of paradise. Even if such a vacation is only in your stuffed up little head, who would argue that lingerie is the best medicine.

Just unpack for me, please. I will be resting on the sun deck, making friends with the seagulls and the sound of the waves. And looking glamorously convalescent in my Veronique Silk Pajama from Emma Harris in pale blue silk, trimmed with shimmering metallic purple lace appliqué. Bring me, perhaps, the Jardin de la Lune Long Robe from Gilda & Pearl, to ward off any possible chill. The sheer black one, with black and white floral embroidery here and there. Thank you.

Hours go by and the only requirement is festive fluids. Well, and a delightful change of clothes for evening. The Luxor Wool Silk Gown from Dana Pisarra will keep me out on the deck a little longer. It is the ideal beach companion, with its simple shape, cozy body, and lacy cutouts up to there. Looks nice with Christine Vancouver’s chiffon Moonlight Robe, with high slits of its own.

DId someone say room-service breakfast? Make mine the pineapple-colored Persephone Camisole Set with metallic white floral lace accenting from Gilda & Pearl. I can cover up later with a Klements Kaftan in Watchtower print for my first tentative steps on the beach. 

When it is time to wobble out to the restaurant for lunch, I am prepared, with the Lille Black Linen Tunic from Dana Pisarra over my Emma Harris Veronique Pajama bottoms. When I feel better, I could substitute a lighter top, the little berry purple Rochelle camisole, also from Emma Harris. A clever match for the pajama’s purple lace.

Perhaps I need the restorative power of a white gown. That will be the Meghan Luxe White Silk Crepe Gown from Christine Vancouver. Now for a nap in the shade. Please call me for cocktails.

Soon it is time to crawl back to reality. But you and your JV rest-cure wardrobe have enjoyed every single minute. And you do feel better, don’t you? Hello?

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