Secrets and Surprises

When in doubt…Jane’s Vanity. Just because. Secret accessorizing is so empowering. Even if no one sees it but you. Although, someone just might.

Jane’s Vanity’s lingerie is all about surprise. To look fabulous, yet stealthy. Let’s start with shape. Because, everything looks better over a pretty bosom. Taryn Winters understands the concept of a slightly louche bust. Her bras and panties are sparkly and sexy, yes. But their low cut gives them incredible grace. And gives you a thrill. Experience embellished Solstiss lace and sheer netting in choice of black, ivory, or seashell purple with teal.

Stay-up stockings? Why not? Feel their sensuous approach to life. Roll on Barazandeh’s Swarovski-encrusted Ivresse Champagne (choice of black or clear crystals). Or the Jasmin Asymmetric Stay Up with hand-sewn back seams, Cuban heels, and a single side of black crystals.

Now you are ready for anything. Such as: the Selene Choker from Karolina Laskowska. Embroidered with scallops of iridescent sequins, it could match the Selene Couture Lingerie Set. Or your breakfast-worthy rock-band tee and favorite jeans. Wear it as jewelry or a talisman. Wear it alone. 

We like a super-thin layer of Dana Pisarra. Just a few pieces left from this never-to-return Italian brand. A lacy skirt or a skinny top works with just about anything. Top up your collection of Dana’s silk surprises in gorgeous colors. 

What is the ultimate surprise? Perhaps a camisole set: nonchalant, with a cut that mingles Old Hollywood with Paris Cabaret. Just in, the Celeste Champagne Camisole Set from Emma Harris, in a rich vanilla silk, embellished with sparkly lace. Its shapely top and tap pants are pretty under day clothes, and natural for romping in your hotel room. 

Well, you get the idea. Wear what makes you feel both girly and wicked. It might not show. Except in your JV smile.

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