Mamma Mia!

For Mother’s Day, put on your best Sophia Loren personna, and welcome everyone to Sunday dinner.

What to wear? Well, something Jane’s Vanity, of course. It’s the perfect way to stir up excitement, add a pinch of glitter, and pass around the oo-la-la.

From the moment you wake up in the morning, you know it will be a special day. So, wrap yourself in the luxurious and sparkling Vannina Vesperini Vegetal Robe. It’s the airy and romantic choice for trilling on the balcony, arranging that box of long-stemmed roses, or whispering secrets to your labradoodle. Underneath, you’ll want the Celeste Champagne Slip from Emma Harris. Perfect to show off any old diamond necklace.

A quick survey of the kitchen tells you that it’s time to call Manny, your trusty sous chef. While you await his arrival, slip into a film-star bra set. We suggest the Petra Amber Convertible Lingerie Set from Studio Pia. Its golden color will complement your radiant skin. Its longline shape will get the party started.

And, to keep it going, wear Christine Vancouver’s trim and sporty Luxe Silk Crepe Lounge Set. Its black tank and floaty trousers look great under an apron and leave your hands free to turn up the music. Manny loves to dance.

Now the best part, setting the table. Pure theater. With you as diva. For this you must wear something romantic. Try Dana Pisarra’s Wool Luxor Gown with its fabulous length and lacy appliqés. Enjoy every little detail and all of the memories each brings.

It’s getting late. Time for a sip of champagne. And a quick change into the Kitty Marabou Silk Pajama from Gilda and Pearl with its fuchsia silk and merry feather trim. Doorbell! Action! Ciao Tutti!

Jane’s Vanity wishes you Happy Mother’s Day, you cute thing.

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