Friend of Jane’s Vanity: c. l. bigelow

“Art is the lifeline.” Amidst the international COVID crisis, these words of artist and sculptor c. l. bigelow stand out. Right now we see art all around us: in music, on the sidewalk, in the making of a homemade mask. It is unstoppable. And in these times, it is relevant and reassuring to speak to an artist who is also a friend of Jane’s Vanity. 

Candice, as we know her at JV, is a longtime resident of the Maryland tidewater region. She currently lives in the rural and forested area across the Potomac from Mt. Vernon. Her work, both on canvas and in found-object sculpture, speaks to the nature and history that surround her. Her sculpture is composed of objects that have had another life. The elegant stupas she creates (inspired by the Buddhist conical architectural shape often seen in Thailand, but much smaller), are composed of such objects. Each completed stupa includes a secret item that has special meaning for the artist. 

It was, in fact, another kind of home isolation that brought Jane’s Vanity to Candice. A car crash had left her with a long stretch of time to recuperate. She was unable to read or move very well. Eventually her love of beautiful lingerie led her to Cora Harrington’s The LIngerie Addict on the web, and a link to Jane's Vanity. Candice immediately related to the JV models, who seemed real and approachable, and to the beautiful items that could be worn every day. She felt that she was seeing into a world open to everyone. Refreshing, not canned or pedantic, not must-must-must.

Her first JV order was a lace tank top from Dana Pisarra. Now she has a collection, wearable year-round, in a variety of ways. The pieces satisfy her desire for interesting lingerie that is beyond the basics of beige, black, or white. And they tie in with her wardrobe of clothing from artisans around the world. A vintage kimono becomes wearable art at home. A brand new silk lingerie set is lovingly tucked into her backpack, to mark her victorious return to the Rim after hiking the Grand Canyon!

Candice finds it sweet to deal with Emily at JV. Their e-mails fly until they have agreed upon correct size, etc. They have yet to meet in person. When the item arrives in the mail, it becomes a sensual pleasure to unwrap... She very much appreciates the love yet the lack of excess in the packaging.

In art we find our voice and individuality. Perhaps we can follow the example of c. l. bigelow and the crew at Jane’s Vanity, to follow our passions and choose what touches us deeply.

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