Ciao, Bella! Get ready to welcome warm weather in the subtly fabulous colors of gelato. JV has the lingerie flavors for you.

In Northern Italy this season, fashion is all about the pairing of solid colors. Take powder pink and add a neon yellow or mango gold. Lavenders might pick up a jungle green or deep plum. Such combinations bring to mind the scene at the local gelateria, where colors are as groovy as the people-watching. So, let’s order up.

Two scoops, please: one a lovely soft pink, the other the color of a mediterranean sunset. Jane’s Vanity brings them to you with Vannina Vespirini’s meltingly sweet Rose Silk Slip and Studio Pia’s shimmering Amber Robe. A yummy combination.

Or try a mix of deep pink and cream: Merle Noir’s exquisite Rustic Pink Camisole pops when layered with the Celeste Champagne Lingerie Set and Robe from Emma Harris.

Sample the surprise of Gilda & Pearl’s Pale Yellow Camisole Set flavored with the Rochelle Orchid Robe from Emma Harris. (Both colors were much in evidence among the porticoes of Bologna this spring).

Studio Pia does a fetching combo of pale pink body and purple embroidery with the Adela Longline Bra, part of its Regalia Collection. Pair it with the berry purple of Emma Harris’s Rochelle Slip and Robe.

Scoop summer, in creamy mixes from Jane’s Vanity. 

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