Riotous Spring

It’s hailing outside. But, on the horizon, is the dream of a spring garden. One to wear. Full of passionate color, romantic movement, and floral surprises. Jane’s Vanity welcomes this rumbling season.

Wake up, sleepyhead. Wiggle your toes, and burst forth, in your Rochelle Orchid Silks from Emma Harris. Say goodbye to winter and feel the heat of pale orchid purple stretch silk creations that are embellished with smokey lavender lace appliqué. Enjoy the lift of the Lingerie Set, the swagger of the flattering Slip, and the earthy embrace of the short Kimono Robe.  

Or, be like Gilda & Pearl, and plot your garden by moonlight. The new Jardin de la Lune collection offers stealthy black and white floral embroidery on sheer black stretch tulle. Romance awaits in choice of Bodysuit, Gown Set, or Long Robe. 

Do we feel a warming trend? It must be Gilda & Pearl’s Les Fleurs Lingerie Set of soft beige stretch tulle supported by masses of embroidered pink blossoms and green leaves. Which only need the nurturing nudge of matching Chelsea Garden Silk Baby Doll, and Robe in pale hyacinth pink silk.

Spring requires a dress. With a big full skirt and nothing underneath. Klements germinates the Witchflower Zennor Dress, crafted from almost 16 yards of floral print black silk, with clever diagonal seaming that shapes the trim bodice into a twirling skirt. Extra long sleeves match the opulent (and racy) feel. 

Join the celebration of burgeoning life, with suitable attire from Jane’s Vanity.

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