An ocean away from one another, two JV design houses have created a little chemistry with their complementary approaches to purple. We call it purple-luminescence. Not only because the pieces from each house mingle so brilliantly with one another, but also because they seem to radiate with a natural glow. 

Based in British Columbia, Christine Vancouver Lingerie has a reputation for its enchanting prints. The Moonlight Collection presents such a one in the form of surreal flower photos on black background. The colors throb, in shades of oyster grey, plum, fuchsia, and pomegranate. Christine transforms this marine-like garden into silk pajamas, velvet gowns and robes, and even a flirty chiffon coverup. The effect is unique for each piece. Together the Collection seems to float on moonlight.

Across the pond in Derbyshire, UK, Emma Harris Lingerie finds inspiration for each collection in a particular color of silk. The character and mood of this color will guide the design story. And blend with other Emma Harris collections. This year, three colors stand proudly together: champagne, orchid, and a luscious berry purple. Each piece is enhanced with sparkling lace. We are stopped in our tracks by lovely bra sets, chemises and slips, camisole sets, and robes.

Now, hanging coyly together in the Jane’s Vanity atelier, the forementioned pieces from these two design houses seem to be speaking to one another. And, when, when mixed and matched, the resulting combinations are spectacular. The berry purple of Emma Harris’s Rochelle Collection seems to draw out the plum of Christine Vancouver’s Moonlight print. The Rochelle Orchid subtly enhances the oyster grey. And Emma’s Champagne Collection backlights Christine’s haunting dark patterns.

Longing for something exciting in your life and wardrobe? Consider the power of purple-luminescence to make connections across borders. Jane’s Vanity helps you see things in a whole new light.

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