New Friends

This January, Jane and Emily joined the whirl of Fashion Week in London and Paris. They scouted new designers and had the pleasure of first-time in-person meetings with two JV favorites. The exciting garments that are the result of this field work are being fabricated right now. They will appear in the months to come. Meanwhile, here are their stories.

A knock on the door of JV’s London hotel suite marked the arrival of British designer Claire Harris and her suitcase filled with beautiful samples from Emma Harris Lingerie. A chilly train ride into the city had not dampened Claire’s excitement to share not only her new designs, but also the craft that goes into them. She demonstrated with a photo of the 38 pieces that go into a single one of her bras. Expect new items in luscious colors, some exclusive to Jane’s Vanity. Exquisite silk lounging pajamas in a shade of vibrant teal. A stunning new line in deep purple silk with shimmering black lace appliqué! 

Céline Marie is instantly recognizable, even in an elegant coffee shop in the heart of Paris. Her mane of long Titian curls, leopard print coat, and peek of beige tulle and black lace epitomize the design house Hervé by Céline Marie. The look, like the house, combines sophistication with a distinctive edge. Celine’s passion began early with her first corset, designed at age 11! To meet Céline, and to wear her garments, is a delight. Custom collections are in the works for JV.  

In the heady display of lingerie at the Paris Salon International de la Lingerie, the elegant young Iiana Biasini shone. New to the Salon, she brought along family and pattern-maker to introduce her lovely line of lingerie, made in Germany. Iiana’s youthful styles are influenced by her Italian roots, memories of summers in Sardinia. The quality of materials and cut come from her tenacity to combine aesthetics with comfort. She sought out the finest fabricators of silk, lace, and embroidery. She spent weeks and months adjusting the design of each piece (and wearing it), to assure a perfect fit. JV will have two bra styles and a camisole set for you to wear too.

A lot can happen between dusk and dawn. The heritage of three generations of women come together in Layalina Nightwear, a new French line that Jane and Emily also discovered at the Salon. Warm and professional, the young designer of Layalina explained the story of family love, passion, and talent that allows her collections to radiate “enchanting femininity, with a subtle dash of luxury and indulgence…refined by panache…” Imagine the breathtaking Layalina black nightdress in italian silk mousseline (like gauze) and Dentelle de Calais lace. Or the Italian silk and Calais lace of the champagne-colored gown, berry purple babydoll, and salmon pajama set. All are thrilling in their sensuous simplicity. The so-right colors, nonchalance, and unexpected placement of lace make them timeless classics. We want them all.  

Jane and Emily are pleased and proud to welcome these new friends to Jane’s Vanity.

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