Coffee Culture

Each morning is a coffee opportunity. Choose something dark, steamy, and creative. Then match your order to a companion piece from Jane’s Vanity. It will certainly offer a bracing Caffè Corretto--that little shot of something special.  

Your coffee might be a foamy beige Cappuccino, the savory complement to Klements’s Reindeer Zennor Dress. Enjoy its photorealistic fur print that sways into almost 16 yards of full-skirted glory. Pour in Falke’s Cream Cable Tights in Hazel.

Or, perhaps you will order the Moroccan Marocchino that layers espresso, cocoa, foamed milk and more cocoa. For this, you should wear Gilda & Pearl’s Madame X Camisole of rust-colored stretch silk embellished by black and gold lace trim. 

Vietnamese Iced Coffee is the va-va-voom option with its pretty tall glass of espresso and shapely condensed milk. It calls to mind the columnar Meghan Luxe White Silk Crepe Gown from Christine Vancouver

In warm weather, shake up a Shakerato, the foamy back and forth of espresso, sugar, and ice. Strain into a stemmed glass, and cool off in Studio Pia's Zaida Longline Lingerie Set in black silk and tulle with bursts of colorful embroidery. 

In the evening, consider a Coffee Negroni. But just one. Add the mesmerizing red of Campari and the luscious burgundy silk of Gilda & Pearl’s Sultan Robe. Cheers.

Enjoy the ceremony of coffee and JV lingerie. Savor the moment. Embrace your day.

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