Love Languages

What is your love language? You might speak it by creating food for friends and family. Or by making art that shares your inner self. At JV, our love language is dressing for romantic occasions. Let’s talk about it.

The language of Hello: Prepare to “meet cute” in your best grocery store attire. Nothing says Hello like Vannina Vesperini’s Sea Glass Long Silk camisole and matching Alpaca Pull-On Sweater. Look as verdant as celery, as ripe as a greengage plum. Smell nice too with a brush of your favorite Parfum Oil Roll-On from Voyage et Cie.

The language of First Date: The message is clear. Come closer, talk to me. Cut the distractions in your Christine Vancouver Meghan Luxe Silk Crepe Gown in black. 

The language of Rainy Afternoon: Let Emma Harris spell things out with a lacy robe in jewel-toned silk. Choose from the gilded Elsa Teal Silk Kimono with gold Leavers lace appliqué. Or the Celeste Raspberry Robe with Art Nouveau chevrons of gold floral lace across the back.

The language of Vacation: Happy talk will be the order of the day as you head for the airport in Gilda & Pearl’s Sophia Jewel Green Slip Dress. Say hooray for packing light with just the addition of Layalina’s adorable Noor Aubergine Babydoll slipped into your carryall.

The language of “let’s stay home tonight:'' You won’t have to say a word when you appear in another Layalina confection, the devastating Assiyah Silk Muslin Gown and Robe in black. The only sound required is that of a popping champagne cork.

Lingerie is the Esperanto of love. Here at Jane’s Vanity, we speak it fluently.

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