The Way You Walk...

Mom called it early: "stand up straight, and walk with a swing in your step." Things will look brighter and so will you. Over the years, you might have enhanced your walk by studying women in film and on the runway. A walk can be very conversational. Best practice is to walk tall in something silky and delicious from Jane's Vanity.

Legends abound about the dazzling walk of Marilyn Monroe. Whatever, she was always herself. Something to strive for. She comes to mind when stepping out in a new skirt or dress. Just a few left of the weightless knit Liberty Black Wool Skirt from Dana Pisarra, with lace inset at front hem. Add a slouchy sweater and a red lip. Then go with it. Let It become your walking inspiration (and fall uniform). This skirt is cut generously.

Or do a little experimenting. How would you look walking away in the tube-like Champagne in Venice Dress from Gilda & Pearl? Will you kick up some feathers with the marabou-trimmed hem? Toy with the effect of total sheerness? Practice a backward glance as you make your swaying exit.

Perhaps the most compelling elements in your walk are not your legs, but, rather, relaxed shoulders, an uplifted bosom, and a studied posture. The rest of your body just falls into line. Remind yourself every day, with a fabulous bra set. Try it and see. Check out the artistry and inspiration of those from Studio Pia.

JV always says, "it's not what you wear, but how you wear it." Take it a step further and think about "how you walk in it!"

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