Autumn is a time for coming together. It is especially pleasant to do so in the late afternoon, either indoors or out, for “aperitivo.” In Italian, it means a sip of something and a variety of nibbles before (or instead of) dinner. Guests can make it a quick hello or a lingering picnic. While wearing their hippest little outfits. Jane’s Vanity dresses us for mingling in a continental way.

Aperitivo often involves bitter drinks called amari. There are dozens of them, but the thing they have in common is their deep autumnal shades: the orangey-red of Campari, the dark brown of artichoke-based Cynar. So dress for them, in the Dana Pisarra Bordeaux Rib Silk Top. Or the Malachite Butterfly Empire Dress from Zoelle

Speaking of dresses, now is the time to swirl into the party wearing your new silk Zennor Dress from Klements. Its ultra-long sleeves, clever diagonal seaming, and yards of skirt make it an occasion in itself. Choose the Reindeer photo-realistic fur print with bright color accents in teal, orange, yellow and red. Or the Witchflower floral print in shades of red, white, yellow, green, and blue.

In a La Dolce Vita sort of way, slender cocktail trousers seem just right for aperitivo. Especially feather-trimmed ones. Gilda & Pearl provide the Kitty Marabou Pajama in cheery fuchsia silk or the Esme Ostrich Lounge Set in black. Just arrived, their Golden Hollywood Silk Pajamas offer a loungier silhouette in leopard print.

Or, consider a bodysuit beneath a low-neck sweater, to show off your summer shoulders and bosom. Gilda & Pearl have created an ode to autumn with their stretchy beige tulle Fiori Bodysuit with multi-colored floral embroidery. Hervé by Céline Marie offers not only the seductive Orunée Bodysuit of black tulle with hand-appliquéd gold lace, but also the matching opera-length gloves.

All set? It’s time for “il bacio” (the cheek-kiss greeting), a toast (just say “cin-cin”), and a wonderful evening, in sociable attire from Jane’s Vanity.

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