A simple walk in a park. A curious stroll in a Cannes marketplace. Aimless fascinations in Versailles. The distinct fragrances of Paris cater to the olfactory sense, creating feelings of love, euphoria, and passion. Europeans have a strong relationship with fragrance. They seem to intuitively understand the connection between personal identity and scent - this is what inspired Melanie Apple to create Voyage et Cie.

A true student of the world - born in Montreal, studied history and fashion design in Paris, and now calls Los Angeles home. Melanie gains inspiration from her surroundings wherever she roams, taking careful note of each city’s plants, flowers, churches, buildings. All of these things form an impression that can only be captured and recreated through scent.

Voyage et Cie is the ultimate luxury blend of travel, fragrance, and design. Each original fragrance is created by Melanie, 100% organic and natural. Strike a match, light the wick, and inhale a scent that will whisk you to another corner of the world, or simply provide a stolen moment from the mundane.

Voyage et Cie

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