No, not that kind of long line. This longline is a bra. One that caresses the midriff. And creates a bridge between lingerie and streetwear. You could stand in line in your longline. But, you don’t have to stand in line for a longline. Jane’s Vanity has lots of mouth-watering choices. And they can be mailed directly (and quickly) to your doorstep.

A glance at the internet reveals a bit of longline history. The shape was created in the 40s and 50s as a foundation garment. It fell from favor in the 60s and 70s. In the 80s, it was reimagined as a crop top by the likes of Madonna. Now the longline is here to stay: flattering, supportive, comfortable, and versatile. Let’s queue up:

Studio Pia recognizes the artistic and uplifting possibilities of a longline design. It not only provides an extended canvas for color, texture, and embellishment, but also allows space for fully-adjustable back straps to insure perfect fit. Choose the sleekness of the Petra Scarlet Long Line Lingerie Set in bright red silk, the intriguing golden embroidery of the Yuna Lingerie Set, or the peek-a-boo tattooed effect of the gilded Soraya Long Lingerie Set. These works of art are too pretty to hide. So let them show beneath a slip dress, drapey blouse, or jacket.

Cadolle offers street-worthy longline bralettes for sport, vacation, and knocking about. Play with  possibility in the Gloria Embroidered Bralette Set with pink applique on black silk or the Metallic Bralette Set in navy silk with metallic bronze leafing.

Voiment’s Shimmer Dot Bralette Set is long and laidback. Its jet-black silk is buttoned up the front with tiny pearls and accented with silver lurex dots. Cheery beneath a slightly unzipped hoodie.

Valery dresses up your night in the luscious Emerald Longline Lingerie Set with its swoops of floral lace that extend down the ribcage. Just a few of these left, perhaps in your size.

Lise Charmel’s Art et Volupte Ivory Lingerie Set balances a lacy longline mid-section with action at the shoulders in the form of supportive exterior slings of silk point droit micro mesh. A charming match for its lacy, and cheeky, boyshort. 

Take the long view for spring in torso-hugging lingerie from Jane’s Vanity.

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