Look Great When You’re Late

You always look fabulous. Even when you’re late. In fact, it might help. Being late is how fashion trends get started. Your Jane’s Vanity wardrobe makes it easy to get dressed, and also to stop traffic. Take it to the street!

How late are you? You’re so late that you don’t have time to apply eyebrow pencil before you don your mask. But you can manage to slip into a “does it all” bodysuit. Feel the admiration as you run down the street in jeans and a cardigan over your Valery Luna Soutache Lace Bodysuit with lined opaque cups. Tomorrow all of your neighbors will follow “suit.” 

For the sake of speed and efficiency, wear your latest JV acquisition--perhaps in a whole new way. After all, everything goes with the emerald green of Gilda & Pearl’s Garland Short Silk Velvet Robe. And it’s snuggly! Match it to your black leotard in the morning. In the afternoon, toss it over one of Olivia Von Halle’s Bibi Slipdresses, the Beatrice Black Floral Silk or the Jet Black Chain. You’re on your way, so soignée.

Street style is a passing glance of imagination and attraction. Fly out the door with an open heart in Gilda & Pearl’s new Les Fleurs Lingerie Set. Its soft beige tulle is embroidered with pink flowers and green leaves. Who could resist letting it show, just a bit, beneath a tee or blouse? 

Make the street your creative outlet in a speedy mix from Jane’s Vanity. 

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