Olivia Von Halle

Tailored and sophisticated, this brand is known for producing the most luxurious and fashion-forward sleepwear. Designer Olivia Von Halle first studied fashion at Leeds University. She eventually worked with some of the world's fashion superpowers like Louis Vuitton, Gucci Group, and Lamborghini. Inspired by the lounging pajamas worn by Coco Chanel, Olivia launched her own line in 2011, carving a niche for herself by blending a lust for innovation with profound attention to detail. Through the use of rich fabrics, vibrant colors, and playful prints, Olivia von Halle's lingerie line is perfect for the adventurous fashionista and has been spotted in the front row at fashion week numerous times. As her first US Stockist, Jane’s Vanity is dedicated to supporting the creativity of this young designer.

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