Little Stories

Little stories make a life. Your JV lingerie collection is a case in point. Each piece has its own story. Together they tell yours. Let’s listen: 

The First Boudoir Sweater. The little cardigan marked a change in your lingerie life. Suitable as both inner and outerwear, it brought you a new way of dressing. Dana Pisarra revisits the look with the Sens Silk Cardigan (in Smoke or Shell) with its saga of lace down the back. 

The Colorful Bra. What could be better under a cardigan than a surprise? Your lips are sealed. But memories stir at the sight of the Rêve Orchidée Lingerie Set from Lise Charmel. A nice contribution to your color collection, its mauve Leavers lace is embroidered with a floral mix of red, pink, white, purple, orange, and green.

The Thong! A success from the start. You wore it back then, you wear it now. Studio Pia offers the extra feature of a thong to complement its new Scarlet Petra Bralette or Longline Sets. All of these pieces are made of scarlet red peace silk, a story all its own. 

Something Daring in Black. You’re always on the lookout for that eyebrow-raising playful piece. When you find it, you pounce. Cadolle delights in such items. Their latest is the Jardin Set, a sheer cropped short-sleeved shirt with garlands of black lace at strategic spots. Matching thong. More stories.   

The Couture Experience: Bespoke has been your dream. Now is the moment to make dreams come true. Let Merle Noir customize your forever piece, perhaps the Nikiya Asymmetrical Top in silk chiffon. Feel the anticipation, as your camisole is completed by hand and shipped from Merle Noir’s Dutch atelier. Wear your dream every day.

Step back and contemplate the good life, chronicled in style by Jane’s Vanity. 

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