As we isolate, we notice that styles are changing all around. In my neighborhood, the Hallowe’en costume has made a surprising spring surge. Trips to the grocery store are now the perfect chance to experiment with one’s garments. Face masks may obscure one’s rhinestone earrings, but can be freeing in their own way. What might Jane’s Vanity suggest for daily distancing? Pajamas, darlings!

In the new normal, an afternoon stroll is the order of the day. A chance to see what’s happening on the block. Perhaps there will be a new Leonard Cohen quote chalked on the sidewalk. The appropriate attire? Klements’s fabulous Antwerpen SIlk Pajamas. You’ll want everyone to see this amazing set. Pale aqua silk shows off a toile-influenced seafaring print in shades of sepia. 

After dark, a glance out the window reveals a street party in progress. With no cars around, the streets are filled with parents and children. The former calling out to one another over a glass of wine, the latter zooming around on lamp-lit bikes and trikes. Join the fun, carefully. Olivia Von Halle’s splashy Lila Havana Silk Pajamas would be perfect for directing traffic or catching up on the local schmooze.

Anytime, layer up your own pajama look with the addition of a chemise. Pop over pajama pants and add a kimono-style robe. Wear all day. May we suggest the Olivia Von Halle Lila Torment Velvet Pajama bottoms beneath the Lise Charmel Sexy Rebel Silk Chemise. Top with Gilda & Pearl’s Midnight Jade Long Robe. Its traditional vented kimono sleeves are accented with glamorous black leavers lace at cuffs. 

The final touch for your pajamas could be one of the massive square scarves from Klements in silk chiffon. Perhaps the Marfa Sunset, the ultimate accessory.

Enjoy a new kind of pajama dressing in your loveliest raw materials from Jane’s Vanity.

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