A Masculine Perspective

When one considers who might bear the happy title of “Friend of Jane’s Vanity,” one should remember to include men. It is fascinating to imagine who they might be. We found one who was willing to answer a few questions. Here are his thoughts: on shopping at the original JV bricks and mortar store, and on the delightful topic of lingerie. 

For a man, is it a giant step over the threshold into a tiny lingerie shop?

Well, I did have to build up my courage. The displays at Jane’s Vanity were beautiful, and I passed the store often on my way to work. I finally went in to browse and met Jane. After that, JV was where I shopped for lingerie.

What brought you back?

The quality and the atmosphere. It is easier for a man to shop in a store that size, often the only customer. Jane and her staff were always welcoming, but allowed me to take my time, since I didn’t always know what to ask or exactly what I wanted. The selection was huge--and gorgeous.

How does one decide?

Once I got acquainted, I often asked for a professional opinion. Sometimes I had something in mind, but, after seeing new products, could take a leap in a totally different direction.

What are good choices for a man to purchase for their partner?

Knowledge is essential. Find out her sizes (check her lingerie drawer). Second, pay attention to what she likes and wears: favorite styles, color. Think of what will make her feel happy and sexy. That may mean finding the middle ground between what you love and what you think she will love. Most important, don’t be afraid to enlist aid. JV can help you make a smart choice. A beautiful lingerie set is nice. I would add a pair of stay-up stockings.

The presentation? The occasion?

Always wrapped as beautifully as possible. The most memorable lingerie gifts have been a total surprise, when she was not expecting any gift.

Preferred response?

To see her wear it. That it becomes her favorite.

How do you approach your purchases these days, on the JV website?

I now search the site just as I browsed the store: slowly, with enjoyment. But, without the tactile experience of texture, feel, and quality, I am happy to seek advice, just as I always used to do in person.

Cheers to the masculine perspective. And, merci cheri, from Jane’s Vanity!

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