Breakfast at JV

In Truman Capote’s Breakfast at Tiffany’s, our girl Holly Golightly has just one dress, but knows how to turn it into a wardrobe. Black, of course. Almost a character in the book. Sometimes a dress comes along that could inspire a novella. Jane’s Vanity has found such a wonder.

And here it is: Olivia Von Halle’s Bibi Jet Black Chain Silk Slipdress. So versatile, so slinky. Suspended from lightweight gold chain straps, the bias cut silk begins with a cowl neck and drifts down to somewhere between calf and ankle. It could go to a board meeting with just the addition of a shawl or jacket. Elegant for a lunch date, a wedding, a visit to see your mom. And perfect for staying out until breakfast (protected from the chill by Von Halle’s Athena Luna Silk Blouse in sheer black organza with little embroidered polka dots).

With its sultry neckline, this dress could even showcase a certain type of bra. Cadolle gets the picture. Their Gloria Bralette, Embroidered or Metallic, would add interest and support. The Bibi begs for experimentation. Perhaps a bodysuit? Try one.

If you aspire to traveling Golightly, you’ll love this JV dress that does it all. 

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