Consider the fox: black boots, sumptuous coat, cute little nose. Celebrated the world over for her impish cleverness, the fox would appreciate a little something from Jane’s Vanity. Give her lingerie that matches her folkloric personality.

In Native American legend, the fox is known for her wisdom, benevolence, and connection to fire and sun. A thoughtful gift for this fox would be the Aretha Kaftan from Studio Pia, in bright geometric design inspired by archive 70s embroidery. The lovely fabric is also available as a Balconette Lingerie Set.

In Finland, the fox is said to bring the Northern Lights, by brushing her opulent fur along the snow to make sparks. Celebrate her spirit with a gift from Gilda & Pearl’s Persephone collection in pale yellow silk with metallic white floral lace accenting: the Silk Camisole Set, Silk Slip, or kimono-inspired Silk Robe. 

Celtic mythology portrays the fox as a shapeshifter. Her versatility brings to mind the amazing organza Silk Blouses from Olivia Von Halle. In either Luna (black) or Muse (white). Both offer a modest cocktail look with (detachable) camisole underneath. Can be transformed into a dressy little jacket just by removing the camisole.

In Japan, the fox or “kitsune,” is considered a guardian or messenger who grows in strength with its years. Imagine her wrapped in the beauty and power of a scarf from Klements or Ika Paris.  

Jane’s Vanity gives the fox what she wants.

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