In the gutsy Italian city of Bologna, the streets are filled with style. Each resident, young or old, is a walking work of art. Whether the choice is avant-garde or blonde and bejeweled, attention to detail gives each look a kick. (Just like at Jane’s Vanity). Visitors to Bologna are quick to up their fashion game. This tourist offers a quick lesson in Bolognese polish.

Notice the Bologna walk: nonchalant and poised. Women add a swing to their hips with the rhythm of a lazy figure eight. Then there are the simple garments of best quality and cut. This hot summer, women are wearing pretty-colored tent dresses that slip around a bit. To show off shiny hair, chunky jewels, browned skin. Offset, of course, by snazzy sandals and pedicures. The finishing touch is colorful accessories in surprising mustard yellow, ocean blue, the very popoular fuchsia pink. The result is witty, slightly competitive. That’s Bologna. As if to say, “Oh, yeah? Take that!” 

Jane’s Vanity loves polish too. And color. And the individual touch. It begins at the beginning with beautiful underthings. For a warm summer day, we like a Freolic lingerie set in stand-up color combos of silk and lace. Try Fuchsia/Lemon, Ocean Blue/Sea Foam or Brick/Burgundy. Show off a Freolic strap while gliding along. Very Bolognese. Easily done with Morpho + Luna's off-the-shoulder Butterfly Tunic. Wear this top everywhere. It is a perfect travel garment over trousers, skirt, or slip dress.

Tutti Bologna would admire that sizzling slip dress worn beneath an open jacket, too. So many choices from JV. Studio Pia’s Amber Silk Robe would flutter in the breeze to show off the Sophia Silk Slip Dress in fuchsia. Or to offset the basic black simplicity of Christine Vancouver Meghan Luxe Silk Crepe Gown, try her full-length show-stopping St. Tropez Silk Robe in floral print. Over jeans and a tank? It’s Studio Pia’s versatile Aretha Embroidered Kaftan Robe in a sheer and joyous geometric design of red and gold.  

Accessories? Why yes. Check out Elisabeth Winstock’s snakeskin designs for bags, wallets, and even berets. Just the thing to add a special Italian polish.

And now, it is time to practice our figure-eight walk. And our Jane’s Vanity wink. And to make reservations for Bologna for next Spring!   

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