Federico Fellini, “Il Maestro,” was the creator of films that are fantastical, surreal, and true. He was also a great appreciator of women. He said that “Any man…sees in the woman that which he does not know of himself…” Be a Fellini muse in alluring garments from JV. Mystify and inspire–yourself!

Just as the faces of Fellini’s characters tell their story from the moment they appear on screen, so Jane’s Vanity garments tell your story. Let them release and reveal your personality with joyful abandon.

See what we mean with a decorative little waist cincher, the Something Blue Waspie Corset by Karolina Laskoswka. It changes the way you move. Wear it under or over. We like it with a tee-shirt, ready for the carnival of life on the open road. Fellini called it La Strada.

Your inner Fellini loves make-up. Try a “Fellini Eye” with liner out-to-there, like Anouk Aimée in 8 ½. Apply it while sitting at your dressing table in full movie star attire, Gilda & Pearl’s Golden Hour Slip and Top in chartreuse silk trimmed with gold lace.

Feeling more monochrome Fellini? Choose another Gilda & Pearl, the Esme Ostrich Lounge Set in black stretch silk with feathers at sleeve and pant cuffs. Its La Dolce Vita slim fit is perfect for a midnight romp through Rome. Watch out for paparazzi.

The beach is never far away in Fellini’s films. Think Amarcord. He was born in the city of Rimini on the Adriatic Coast, now home to the Fellini Museum. When you visit, bring along your new Aretha Embroidered Kaftan Robe from Studio Pia in sheer tulle with red and gold geometric designs. Friendly on the beach. Easy to dress up for an aperitivo on the piazza.

Summer is a great time to create your own Fellini film festival. And your own Felliniesque wardrobe of cinematic loungewear from Jane’s Vanity. 

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