Objects of Desire

You feel it like a little twist. Your private obsession. The desire for that special item that will make your lingerie collection sing. We each have our own infatuations. What are your objects of desire?

JA: For me, it would definitely be a camisole.  Now I have a LOT of camisoles, but I’m always delighted to add another one.  I always travel with an assortment as they take up so little space in a suitcase & add quick variety to my wardrobe.  They’re great layering from hot weather to cold.  If it’s going to be hot, I wear them as outerwear with a sheer blouse or under a featherweight sweater.  They’re perfect to team with a silk pajama short for sleeping or lounging in the shade.  I probably could go on & on about my adoration of the camisole & luckily they take up so little space in my crowded closet! 

KL: Just around the corner is my perfect light-colored bra. I am always in search of it. Perhaps Valery’s Prestige Shaped Bra Set in beautiful pale yellow silk brocade. Love the wide straps, the abundant beige lace trim, the…oomph. Will this be the one?

FF: Honestly? Something sexy. I need it. Have you seen the new things from Hervé by Céline Marie? Check out the Orunée Bodysuit, the Viéve High Neck Bralette Set, the Phelea Plunge Lingerie Set, the gloves (!). All are sheer and provocative. Each is appliquéd strategically and uniquely. To feel present in my body, I would wear something from Céline Marie every day. 

ET: Nothing is better than wearing silk. I look for those pieces that can double as loungewear or apparel for extra versatility. The perfect example is the new Christine Vancouver Meghan Luxe Silk Crepe Gown. I can wear it all day long. Then, when I arrive home in the evening, the undergarments come off and I’m ready to relax!   

EA: I can’t get enough of…silly paper cocktail napkins, beigey pink lipstick, and…"girlie pajamas." You know, the ones to wear to a beach party. With miniscule top and slinky low-riding trousers. Love love love the sets from Emma Harris: the Veronique in pale blue silk with metallic purple lace appliqué, or the Elsa Navy with t-back and gold lace appliqué at the bust and trouser pockets. Jamaica, here we come.

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