Are you a vacationer or a traveller? A friend recently suggested that there is a difference. The former might be making reservations, while the latter might be making tracks. Whether you prefer to lie by the pool or motorcycle through Morocco, we think that adventure will come and get you either way. So, surrender. Enjoy the ride (or the nap). And let your Jane’s Vanity travel wardrobe prepare you for the unexpected. 

Your first wardrobe surprise might be silk. Jane’s Vanity silks are light, washable, versatile, and don’t need to be ironed. Two silk dresses could get you through a week of travel. You’ll always be appropriate in a Klements drop-waist skimmer, available in two silk prints: the Florry Occult or the Florry Freaks. Dress them up or down with sweaters, jeans, scarves. Sleep in them. 

Which brings us to the surprise of pattern and color. No need to limit your palette on the road. Pack what you love, and you’ll have what you need. See what we mean with the cooling floral pattern of Christine Vancouver’s St. Tropez pieces in loose-cut Silk Top and matching Silk Robe. Create a very packable wardrobe by matching them with the Luxe Crepe Silk Lounger Set and Meghan Luxe Crepe Silk Gown, both in basic black. 

Ready for a wardrobe of stockings? Surprise yourself with exciting hosiery selections from Maria La Rosa and Barazandeh. Change your look and protect your feet with seductive choices to go with sandals, shoes, or boots.

And be surprised by a chemise. Tuck it into your suitcase and forget about it…until the time is right. You’ll know. May we suggest Emma Harris’s Veronique Silk Slip in pale blue with shimmering purple metallic lace appliqué? A pretty complement to the St. Tropez print mentioned above.

Set the mood for your travel with a light and liberating wardrobe from Jane’s Vanity. The surprise is you.

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