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Four years ago, I trotted my future daughter-in-law over to Jane’s Vanity’s atelier for the first time. We had a ball. Lots has happened for her since then: a wedding, a new job. And now...a baby! So, where does JV lingerie fit into this picture? Let’s find out, by picking up the phone for a coast-to-coast chat: 

Darling! What sort of interesting lingerie are you wearing today?

My “conquer anything in a day” secret armour: Ritratti’s Ermitage Embroidered Sheer Balconette Set in the most amazing red.

Nice call. So, lovely JV lingerie pieces continue to rock your world?

They are some of my most prized possessions. They symbolize self-care, self-love, and appreciation for beauty.  I have given JV pieces to friends, more to introduce them to a way of life than an article of clothing.  Timely for a bride, of course, but also decadent for the turning of a decade or to mark a girl-boss promotion or achievement.  

Tell me what you remember about that first visit to Jane’s Vanity?

It felt like discovering a treasure chest. The lighting was soft, perfect for taking in rich silks, and to be in an apartment felt so comfortable. Who wants to try on lingerie in a department store dressing room that is cold and has fluorescent lighting? But a bedroom with natural light and a place to sit down on a lady sofa? Yes please! 

How did you wear your lingerie and loungewear wardrobe pre-bump, with bump, and now, how do you wear them post-bump?

Before pregnancy, I often wore my bras/panties and chemises for sleep.  In pregnancy it was all about my robes! The feeling of silk on my skin was even more lovely while pregnant.  Afterwards, it was a celebration to pick up where I left off, so to speak, as my body evolved and I landed back into some of my favorites.  Felt like a major accomplishment, a holiday! 

What’s the latest?

I recently purchased the Lise Charmel Dressing Indien Floral Chemise in the richest aubergine with a subtle burnout pattern in the silk.  Spectacular. Divine.  

My JV wish list is long, but here are the top three: 

  • Gilda & Pearl’s Ophelia Emerald Silk Camisole Set - because I am a redhead and that color! 
  • Gilda & Pearl’s Melitza Lace Gown - because to be a queen in your own home would be so fun!
  • OK, compliments to share?

    I am fortunate to have a husband who appreciates my beauty in very special lingerie from Jane’s Vanity.

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