Adventures in Lingerie

Jane’s Vanity goes to great lengths to bring you the most thrilling lingerie. Come along for a behind-the-scenes look at the excellent customer service provided by Jane and Emily:  

Order delivery to a tropical island: Emily carefully wraps the Gilda & Pearl Deshabille Tulle Babydoll, tucks it under her arm, and dashes for the airport. Destination: paradise. Hours later she is dropped by helicopter to an out-rigger canoe paddled by local Olympians. As they approach the island, a flamboyance of flamingos assists with the final handoff. A spectacular sunset marks a job well done. Brava! a Mediterranean palazzo: Jane prefers to travel incognito when transporting Vannina Vespirini’s Ocean Silk Slip Dress. She packs it in her attaché, dons her sunglasses, and melts into the crowd at the Gare de Lyon. An overnight TGV high-speed train to Nice puts her in the vicinity. After a quick espresso, she makes like Cary Grant (in To Catch a Thief) and takes “the local” the rest of the way. After gently arranging the little bundle on the palazzo’s doorstep, she knocks loudly, and vanishes. a little cabin in the mountains: Emily borrows a picturesque red pick-up truck, stocks it with champagne, smoked salmon, and the surprise gift of Olivia Von Halle’s Coco Crepe de Chine Pajama in white with navy piping. To the accompaniment of Rimsky-Korsakov’s Scheherazade, she gears down and makes the forest her own. Ziggy, her trusty companion, leans from the window and breathes into the wind. With luck, they’ll be home by sunrise. a lighthouse in Maine: Jane charters a schooner to deliver Karolina Laskowska’s triple-threat Asteria Corset, Cape, and Panties. As it sails along the coast, she plays Blackjack with the captain and wins every time. They serenade the harbor seals with their ukuleles. Clam chowder on deck makes a simple dinner. Too quickly, they arrive at their destination. a tiny apartment in town: Jane and Emily take a stroll down the street to drop off the Taryn Winters Margot Beaded Lingerie Set in un-basic black. So stunning. Perhaps they’ll add a bouquet from Spellbound Flowers, or a bottle of bubbly from Oregon Wines on Broadway. Perhaps they’ll bring along a pizza. They love their work.  

Be so lucky as to have your very special order delivered with elan by the dedicated staff of Jane’s Vanity.

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