A Date with Destiny

Feeling a little housebound? Now is the time for the tough to get going! Keep the side up with inventive lingerie and loungewear. You’ll know it’s there, just like the lipstick that you apply before donning your mask. Perk up your world (and possibly someone else’s) in something Jane’s Vanity.

For a trip to your apartment building’s Laundry Room: Make it a vacation, in leggings and breezy coverups. For orchestrating the wash cycle, choose Gilda & Pearl’s Garland Short Silk Velvet Robe. Come back for the dryer round in Lise Charmel’s Reve Orchidee Devore Robe. Fluff and fold in Christine Vancouver’s Origami Long Silk Robe. You are such a good neighbor.   

Saturday night on the couch? Nah. Invite yourself to a dance party on YouTube. My preference is Uptown FunkGet moving in something cool and loose. A camisole set would be the perfect partner: Gilda & Pearl’s Midnight Cognac Set, for example. Or, try Vannina Vespirini’s new Burgundy Camisole Set and the option of a matching calf-length Burgundy Silk Skirt.  

Milk run: Venture outside. Even if it is just down to the corner for milk. You never know what interesting things might happen in one block (my version of Coco Chanel’s aphorism, “it is best to be as pretty as possible for destiny.”). So enjoy wearing your favorite things: Dana Pisarra’s Blu Eden Cashmere Silk Top over Lise Charmel’s Sublime a Deux Silk Trousers. Or Klements’s Kew Print Painters Smock Blouse with perfect vintage jeans.  

Hardly enough hours in the day to realize one’s brilliant potential in lovely pieces from JV. 

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