To Market

As I dress, I ask myself, “Would Audrey Hepburn have worn this to go grocery shopping?” For me, it is the acid test. Her style has always seemed so right. Call it European sportif. Practical, yet sharp.  Casual, yet not. Wrists and ankles to the fore. Color, also. I think the secret is simplicity. To own just a few, carefully chosen, perfect garments. And to live in them. I keep my Jane’s Vanity pieces for years. They just get better, these companions for daily life.

Thinking ahead to Spring. A simple cotton camisole could start the day at a farmers market and end it at a disco. Dana Pisarra’s white v-neck Daisy Bianco model is ribbed for shapeliness, then detailed in ivory macrame. It looks trim with jeans, spectacular with F.R.S. Potter Flared Trousers.

Olivia Von Halle’s Issa Hedonist Silk Slipdress, in leopard print, is suitable for cheering on a child’s swim lesson or opening a one-woman show at an art gallery. It displays the ankles, among other things, and acts as the ultimate travel companion, too.

Grazia’Lliani’s Chartreuse Floral Pajama would look well for errands, accompanied by a wicker basket and sun hat. Stop for lunch? Smile at the paparazzi? Buy some big sunglasses!

On a daily basis, my Jane’s Vanity wardrobe defines casual chic! 

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