A Rich Interior Life

There are many ways to achieve a rich inner life: read, dream, wear a daily dose of beautiful lingerie! It may not show, but, like our thoughts, lingerie resonates from within. Especially if it is from Jane’s Vanity. We’ll demonstrate. Come along for an inner adventure.

A day of trekking: Put one foot in front of the other as you set some goals, plan the future. Feel the energy and non-underwired support of Valery’s Vintage Print Lingerie Set in black and white floral design. 

An evening of stargazing: Take the time to lie back and study the cosmos. Bring a friend. Wear the cozy Dana Pisarra Romantic Amande Camisole in natural grey knit composed of mohair, nylon, and alpaca with lace trim.

A date with yourself: Will it be the art museum or the beach? Either way, go all out for yourself in the Gloria Metallic Bralette Set from Cadolle in navy with bronze leafing at cups in abstract crinkle pattern.

A sparkling conversation: Prepare to share as you don the dazzling Pilar Beaded Lingerie Set from Taryn Winters

Inner and outer realms mingle in the rich imagination of Jane’s Vanity.

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