To Bra

To bra. It sounds so intentional and grown up. As in: to launch a ship, to strut your stuff. To bra is a feminine act of confidence and self-love. Lucky us to have Jane’s Vanity to bra us along.

To bra means, among other things, to create a collection of gorgeous bras to see us through various scenarios. But, no matter how many bras we have, we always seem to need just one more. Which is why, when a JV sale comes along, we gladly succumb. Especially to Taryn Winters, whose beautifully embellished bras ride flatteringly low. Her Delphine Beaded Lingerie Set is hand-embroidered in shades of blue and gold on black tulle and French scalloped lace. Just one left of the unbasic Margot Set in Ivory. We shouldn’t wait. 

To bra also means to choose sensuality. Emma Harris thrills us with bras whose cups are lined in silk, such as the molded Celeste Lingerie Set in raspberry or champagne. Sexy pieces from Hervé by Céline Marie just make us feel “girl.” One who would revel in wearing (and showing off) the skimpy mono-wire Phelea Plunge Lingerie Set in ultra-soft mesh and gilded lace appliqué.  

To bra is to be passionate. Designer Karolina Laskoswka shows it with her Underpinnings Museum, of bra history. Her deep knowledge allows her to create such treasures as the Tagetes Couture Lingerie Set. Its Solstiss lace has been embroidered by skilled artisans who took months to work their magic of beads, sequins, and ribbon-work roses.  Named for the marigold, the Tagetes is a festival of beige, orange, red, pink, and gold. 

And self-love? To bra is to celebrate ourselves, in all of our moods. Today we are feeling regal in Studio Pia’s Sofia Balconette Set. Its green-trimmed black tulle is embroidered all over with big fat crown jewels. This set bikinis also, but that’s another story/verb. 

Meanwhile, Jane’s Vanity bras us just as we wish, down deep in our souls.

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