The Silky Road

No plans for summer vacation? We know you’ll look languid and sexy anyway, dreaming your exotic dreams, back at home. They might include this itinerary from JV’s imaginary tour company “The Silky Road.”

Meet and greet in the hotel bar: You’d know your people anywhere. They’re all wearing variations on Zoelle’s pleated Malachite Butterfly collection: the Reversible Top, the Wrap Skirt, the Reversible Hi-Low Dress, and the Empire Dress. And everyone smells divine in official tour scents from Voyage et Cie

Dinner on your own: Thank goodness, a chance to unpack, get acquainted with the bath, and do as you please. Later, for that all-important first exploration, splash out in the protective glamour of Klements’s Zennor Dress. 

The Romance of Public transportation: Who needs a tour van? Didn’t Cary Grant always take the bus when he traveled in the South of France? Be ready at the curb in the monochrome black Luxe Silk Crepe Lounge Set from Christine Vancouver. Next stop: the Museum. 

Culturah: Paintings by Giovanni Paolo Panini just make you think of lunch. Must be sidewalk cafe time in the Sophia Jewel Green Slip Dress from Gilda & Pearl, accessorized by a Campari Spritz.

Shopping? How else to really understand a culture? Get out there. 

Lost and found in translation: No worries at the police station, when you wear Gilda & Pearl’s Kitty Marabou Silk Pajama in hot pink (now on sale!).  

Rate your experience: This silky road tour deserves five stars, just like the Champagne in Venice Dress from Gilda & Pearl. Both have transparency, sparkle, surprise, festivity, and drama. Plus, of course, marabou trim.

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