Tigre Tigre Burning Bright

Ika Paris has created something special, the Tigre Scarf, now available at Jane’s Vanity. The tiger is a wonderful symbol to start a new year. Her strength and courage inspire our spirits. Her mercurial side challenges our passions. Her incredible beauty and royal bearing influence our daily look, as we wrap ourselves in her protective coloring and majesty, all from JV.

Camille Roucher gets the idea with her Gold Pearl Collection. What tigress would not be proud to wear its ikat floral pattern of gold and black silk? We begin with the Lingerie Set, add the High Waisted Panty, experiment with the Garterbelt. 

Vannina Vespirini speaks to our feline side with the black embroidery on champagne tulle of her Classique Black Lingerie Set and lacy racer-backed Alhambra Bralette.  Just one left of her Opera Gilded Gold lingerie Set with its gold silk quarter cups, black mesh band, and gilded lace overlay.

Lise Charmel envisions an Art Deco tiger with her Splendeur Soie Ambre collection of gold silk scrolled with black lace accenting. Try the glamorous Lingerie Set or Babydoll with lace-up back.

Olivia Von Halle gives us tiger grace with the bias-cut Bettina Willow Dress in olive bronze silk. The sinuous shape and long balloon sleeves add prowl to our every gesture.

And not to forget the Tigre Scarf. We contemplate its bold print in yellow, white, turquoise, and gold of tigers, suns, moons, stars, and eyes on a backdrop of turquoise and shades of red. Created by Ika Paris in collaboration with artist Mlle Mouns

A tiger is sometimes described as the complex, femine side of power. A concept to delight in while wearing the tiger’s symbolic colors next to our own skin. Jane’s Vanity likes our stylish markings. 

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