A Little Shot of Red

So tasteful, the neutral background of your apartment. Off-white this, beigy that. Minimalist, restrained, calming. But it needs something. Your artist’s eye longs for a little shot of red. Perhaps a “Double Circus” amaryllis in scarlet and white. Or a Turkish kilim rug in patterns of aqua, white, and cherry. Better still, take center stage yourself, looking decorative, in a touch of red from Jane’s Vanity. We demonstrate:

Your winter white interior will warm to a glimpse of the Rama Sanguine Silk Lingerie Set from Cadolle. Vibrant red floral lace accents its hot pink silk. Play with fire by revealing it beneath your white Morpho + Luna Bianca Linen Robe.

A zen background is at one with the cleansing grace of Christine Vancouver’s Origami Long Silk Robe. Her bold geometric pattern, reminiscent of Japanese origami paper, will get some attention in shades of red, white, and seaside blue. Luxuriate in the robe’s kimono touches, ankle length, and elegant hand.

A monochrome world frames the bold abstract print and terracotta red border of Ika Paris’s Dolce Scarf. Wear it to strike an odalisque’s pose on your creamy sofa.

And, a blank palette calls for the dreamy woodland design of the Kew Print Painters Smock from Klements. Midnight blue silk is the background for a mystery landscape of creatures and vines in oranges, reds, purples, browns, and greens. Voluminous cuffed sleeves and sweet little collar complete the composition.

All is serene. And there you are to stir things up, just a little bit, in something deliciously red from Jane’s Vanity. 

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