Tiara Daze

It’s that time of year. Dress up! For Hallowe’en or winter parties or just for fun. And this year I have the solution for all. A tiara. I had never dreamed of owning my own, until need for a child’s gift sent me to a toy store. What a revelation. My errand forgotten, I stared in amazement at a wall of tiaras that did not require a home mortgage to purchase.

Tiaras have been around for ages, literally. Through history, they have been worn by statues, brides, and royalty to convey honor and respect. And they look so pretty: initially created in gold and inspired by nature, especially flowers. Then bejeweled. The story of their design is a pleasant stroll through fashion history and high finance. There are many styles, from bandeaus to fenders to halos. The real thing shows well in photographs from coffee table books. But, somehow, I prefer something in rhinestone. Or, even, in silvery paper, made by myself with scissors and glitter and glue.

And what better way to set it off than with lovely lingerie? Float in for cocktails wearing your little tiara to accent Christine Vancouver’s elegant silk “Diva Gown” in deep red. Or, as a nod to jewelry, her “Faberge” in blue-purple.

Olivia von Halle’s calf-grazing Issa Green Flash Slip recalls the world of “Bright Young Things” of the Jazz Age and could definitely rock an Art Deco tiara. You might add a long feather to your hair.

Take your Welsh Corgi for a walk in matching tiaras. His fur will be real, but you can fake it in something warm but faux worn over Esme silk pajamas from Derek Rose. Your neighbors will appreciate the added tone you bring to the street. Perhaps you’ll start a party. Enjoy the season of celebration in a blaze of head to toe glory!

-Kate L

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