Much Depends on Dinner

Was Lord Byron speaking of food or flirtation when he wrote those lines? Perhaps both. Dinner, the art thereof, is complicated. Where to dine? When? Diane Johnson, in her delightful Le Divorce, schools Americans in the French concept of dinner “after,” rather than “before.” Much easier to focus on the food, I suppose. And such excellent food.

But, whichever, one must look one’s seductive and vibrant best at table. Decolletage can be quite low. Conversation more elevated. What a wonderful opportunity to dress up a bit and have a lovely time.

The designers at the French house of Cadolle must have had a romantic dinner in mind when they created their alluring Coeur Lace Bodysuit. Its off-the-shoulder shape would be a perfect first layer. Or try their ultra-low cut Yana Floral bra set to flatter your cleavage. To either, just add:                                                                 

A slightly unbuttoned little cardigan.

Or silky striped Lila Cruz pajamas from Olivia von Halle.

Or your little black jacket.

Or Meng’s Black Patterned Kimono, over jeans and stilettos.

Or a deeply v-necked cashmere sweater.

Simple and simply gorgeous dinner togs free you to concentrate on other delicious possibilities!

-Kate L

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