The Vanity

A vanity table is an important (and interesting) spot, whether tiny or grand as a diva’s. It is our own safe place. Here we lay it all out: the cosmetics, the jewelry, the photos, the dreams, the talismans--the lingerie. The vanity table tells a story. Jane’s Vanity explores its narrative possibilities.

First a tableau that suggests an actress. The surrounding lights are warm and bright. Flowers, of course. Powder puffs, brushes, every sort of paint. With notes and invitations tucked into the mirror. Carefully laid across a corner is the Kana Silk Bodysuit from Studio Pia. Black and sultry, its charm lies in its details: the golden embroidered tulle inset down the front, the bow-tied shoulders, the adjustable straps at back, the thong. 

Next we decode the table of, perhaps, a femme fatale. A red lipstick lies uncapped among a clutter of perfumes, creams, evening bags, and ticket stubs. And, in the corner, isn’t that the Margot Beaded Lingerie Set from Taryn Winters? Crafted of black embellished eyelash lace and ultra-soft tulle, it sparkles like stars in the night.  

Morning sunlight pours in to highlight another sort of vanity table. A little wabi sabi, a bit hygge, its simplicity is unstudied and happy. Just a comb and brush, some pink lippy, and a dog-shaped vase of daisies. Tossed over the back of the chair is the Bamboo Jungle Mildred Blouse from Klements. Its geometric blue and white design is printed on whisper-weight sheer silk chiffon that gives a new look to the collared shirt. 

When we arrange Cadolle’s Rama Sanguine Silk Lingerie Set on our vanity, what is the story it tells us? Of other worlds--draped in hot pink silk and red floral lace? When we gently lay out the darkly printed Darwin Silk Gown from Christine Vancouver, are we taking the first step in our own journey of discovery? 

Sweet dreams and bon voyage, from Jane’s Vanity to your vanity.

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