Never Mind

We all do our best, but sometimes things just don’t work out as planned. Never mind. When life gives us lemons, at least we’ll be wearing something fabulous.  Jane’s Vanity to the rescue. 

Maybe you took your mother out for champagne at an elegant spot on the Riviera. Never mind that the car wouldn’t start on your way out. The waiters pushed you down the hill while you popped the clutch. Hop in, Mom. That night you went to bed early in Gilda & Pearl’s Chelsea Garden Silk Babydoll and matching Robe, soothed by its pale hyacinth pink accented with pink and green floral embroidery.

Or, the time you thought it was a costume party. We all must learn to forgive ourselves. And who could complain about your juicy tomato outfit? Never mind. Lights out early again. Tonight it’s Meng’s Blossom Stripe Silk Pajama Set with a camisole top of roses and butterflies and colorful striped wide-leg pants with burnt red background. 

And, remember the afternoon that you removed your blouse and took a nap in your little apartment. Was it your fault that they chose that moment to check the smoke alarms? Never mind. You had been wanting some feedback on the mauve stretch lace and floral embroidery of Lise Charmel’s Rêve Orchidée Lingerie Set. You got it.

At a recent soiree, you saw your friend from behind and playfully embraced them. Oops. It wasn’t your friend after all. It was the mayor. Never mind. That night, an ice pack on your fetid brow looked good with the blush of Taryn Winters’s Aya Beaded Lingerie Set. 

To err is human, to forgive, well you know. Never mind. Jane’s Vanity offers gift certificates, when the need arises. Just remember: love thyself. You’re doing great. And you look--fabulous.

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