Travel By Poster

Blocks of color defined the fabulous travel posters of the 1960s. Their bold typefaces, groovy nonchalance, and hints of romance spoke of a new La Dolce Vita. We may not be ready to travel yet, but we can embrace a glamorous color-block look. Here, we dream up a few graphic Jane’s Vanity moments. 

There you are skiing in the sunny Alps, smiling, of course, from ear to ear. Your St. Bernard cheers you on. It is spring. You are wearing--not much. Just sunglasses and a striking bra and bikini bottom. Studio Pia suits the action with the Petra Scarlet Bralette Set. Its sleek little shape and hit of luscious color shout “wish you were here.” For apres ski, add the Petra Scarlet Garterbelt and stockings from Gerbe.

Next, you bring summer to life with a happy geometric print: Christine Vancouver’s Origami Long Silk Robe in satin-finished silk crepe patterned in red, white, and seaside blue. Wear it for your billowy walk to the beach and set the rhythm for a sweet season. 

As a Mediterranean autumn approaches, you appear in a wine vat, up to your thighs in grapes. To capture the mood, you wrap your hair in a folkloric scarf from Ika Paris, perhaps the Tuscan-inspired Dolce. Cheers to its vibrant patterning on cream silk with a terra cotta red border. 

Tiny lights flicker in the bay at sunset. Palm trees sway in silhouette. Scrolled balconies provide an arabesque. And you complete the picture in iconic color-block looks from Jane’s Vanity.  

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