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If you had to choose just one item from Jane’s Vanity, right now, what would it be? You know, that single little thing that fills you with both lust and joy (a favorite JV combination). We asked a few of our regulars to search their hearts and our website for their answers. We share their comments as a holiday treat:

A favorite boudoir photographer opts for that obscure object of desire: the next pair of Olivia Von Halle pajamas. “They are a true luxury experience in their silky smooth and cool fabric. I love the Daria Barbara Floral, Lila Fellini, and the Lila Amity patterns the most.”

A certain East-coast sister responds: “Only one? Then let's dream large and order Merle Noir's Lunae Sheer Chemise. It will be created just for me in the color I choose, black of course. Imagine the delicious waiting for the artists to make it. Imagine opening the box! Imagine putting it on! Breathtaking lace over the hips and bosom. Divine silk to caress me. A secret pleasure. Or perhaps it would be selfish not to share?”

An unnamed blogger wishes for the Vannina Vespirini Opera Gilded Panties. Just a bagatelle, but the perfect minimalist way to create a maximalist romantic mood.

Our lady of lingerie: “My absolute top pick from the Jane’s Vanity website would be the Eos set from Karolina Laskowska. I can’t get over how absolutely breathtaking that lace is, and the construction is beyond compare! This piece is truly a work of art, and anyone who owns it is unbelievably fortunate. Just two left in stock, and after that it’s gone forever.”

Our lady’s sister sez: “I would have to go with Studio Pia’s Yuna Lingerie set.  I have the Soraya Lingerie set from Studio Pia and it’s my favorite. I love the construction of it, since the band goes a little lower than my other bras. It feels a bit like a cross between a comfortable corset and a bra, and the shape makes my breasts look amazing. The multiple bands make it so that I can have it adjusted so it fits my body just right, so it feels so perfect when I wear it. The lace on the Yuna looks so detailed, and I love the contrast of the delicate pattern and the silk bands across the front that bring out the corset feel to the piece. And the color! That rich gold would be just luminous on the skin, and would look lovely with some of my other Jane’s Vanity pieces.”

Our lady of rugs (and wine) chooses Taryn Winter’s Aya Beaded Lingerie Set.  “I love this undergarment!! The color is delicious; the beautiful embroidery and bead work honors my love for textile crafts and needle work, which I see as very woman-centric crafts. The overall feel of this handcrafted garment evokes a sense of magic in me, like a tale of fairies enjoying a warm, flower-filled summer day playing in a meadow, drinking delicious wine and sharing secret stories.”

The wine authority notes: “I'm feeling so much comfort from the new Ika Paris line. My favorite discovery from their scarf collection is the 3rd eye along the border, an ancient symbol of wisdom and protection.  We all need both those things really anytime but especially now. It is an amazing print and a beautiful silk.  How lucky we are that Jane and Emily find these treasures for us. Truly one of a kind.  Timeless, well made pieces last forever.”

A certain blonde: “My wish list and Birthday treat is the Lise Charmel Dressing Floral Indien lingerie set and chemise.  I’m looking forward to the beautiful details of the lace and the luxurious silk to make me feel special for no reason at all!  The bonus for me is the gorgeous aubergine color! To me, that color can take you to all of your hopes and dreams in fabulous style!  It is a treat to be able to have Jane’s Vanity find these treasures!”

The Big Kahuna: “It’s hard to pick just one favorite item, but I think mine truly has to be the Gilda & Pearl, sheer long robe in black with gilded lace. The whole Melitza collection is so special & dramatic!  I love the idea of wearing the long robe out into the world.  Anything underneath is seen, so potential options are only limited by your imagination.  My favorite is walking along the beach in Hawaii with a long Klements dress underneath. The sun sparkling on the ocean waves, & glinting off the gilded lace. I love that dream! Aloha…”

A certain Titian-haired daughter-in-law (and new mother) also chooses the Melitza long gown and robe: “Those pieces are for a queen!”

So, there you have it. Join us by choosing your own little #1 heartthrob from Jane’s Vanity.

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