The Lady in Red

Do you shy like a pony from the prospect of wearing red? Too obvious? Too bold? Rubies excepted, red is just not you? Consider an experiment. Think about Chagall murals, rhubarb, Titian hair, tomato sauce. Picture striped deck chairs, claret, strawberries, flame. Or Lifesavers, saris, Cartier. Imagine a sunny morning, a secret kiss, a dance party, a wild embrace. Then let Jane’s Vanity slip you into a teeny bit of red.

Just a splash: Cotton Club’s Potente Teal & Red Lingerie pops you into the deep end of color possibilities. Refreshing and unexpected, this cherry red accent on blue is, well, primary.

Turn it up: Your little secret is the glorious red of an Ermitage lingerie set from RItratti. But don’t hide it. Unbutton something. Share.

Bolder and smolder: Bravo! You’ve arrived at red in Christine Vancouver’s unforgettable Diva gown, trimmed out in brilliantly smoky black lace.

Deeper: The mystery of dark red pulls you into the night. Olivia Von Halle’s Carmine Slip is your subtle guide. Cadolle’s Burgundy Velvet Robe envelops you in dreamy possibilities.
So many vibrant shades. Such beautiful garments to try. Say yes to the color of joy.

-Kate L

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