Laundry Thoughts

Time to carefully launder a few things from Jane’s Vanity. As the suds rise, I contemplate...

Gorgeous lingerie brings to mind this quote from Belgian ballet choreographer Maurice Béjart about Gianni Versace’s costumes: “Watching him work enchanted me: he would be there sewing pearls on a dress, painting on golden embroidery, cutting out pieces of transparent silk, attaching invisible bits of lace in the folds of a costume where they were so hidden that only he and I knew they were there. But in the composition of a work of art, it is precisely what you don’t see that makes something a masterpiece: it’s the pointless that is absolutely indispensable.” (From The Versace Legend by Minnie Gastel)

In the same book, Gianni’s brother Santo tells an interviewer that the only secret to their success is “our courage, then work, work, work.”

Lots of birthdays this month. Perhaps gift certificates from JV.

How did I miss the Cardi B phenomenon?

And who is Madame Aime, from the JV website? Want her Rue Bonaparte black bra!

Just enough frequent flyer miles for Cancun. I’ll want to pack Olivia Von Halle’s Issa chemises. One in oyster, one in carmine. Slinky chic.

Love the in-depth book reviews from “We Can Read It For You Wholesale--Yes We Can”. Great voice: intimate and knowledgeable. It speaks right to me. About 300 titles so far, arranged by period.

Agree with Erica Wagner (in UK Harper’s Bazaar, December 2017), “ you get older, you look more like yourself.”

I also look more like myself when I wear beautiful lingerie. Especially my new Grazia’Lliani wrap tops, choice of plum, olive green, or silver!

There, done. My clothesline a vision of loveliness.

-Kate L

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