Etched in Sunlight

“Etched in Sunlight:” a tiny snippet from a book dedication.* In just three words it frames my vacation and packs my suitcase.

Goodbye, Winter. Off we go, to chase the sun in the finest from Jane’s Vanity. Etched in white, the Mika Navy Cotton and Silk Pajama is perfect for the plane. Etched in black, Olivia Von Halle’s Farleigh white cotton shortie pajamas strut “cruise director” upon arrival.

Tuck in a rainbow of Paris Chemises from Morpho + Luna. Their etching is lace, their destination the beach. Match one up with the Bianca Linen Robe for an afternoon in the hammock.

Later, etched in moonlight, the Chloe Silk Floral Gown from Morpho + Luna sails into adventure. Later still, the etching is black lace on Madame Aime’s Mauvais Garcons (Bad Boys) Pajamas.

With the tip of your jeweled sandal, etch your initials in the sand. Bon Voyage!

-Kate L
*A grateful bow to Roloff Beny and his Odyssey: Mirror of the Mediterranean.

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