About Town, Again

Monday: Long walk in the woods. Morse Code practice with the boys in the afternoon. Plan cocktail party. Hostess attire?

Tuesday: Ravioli class in the AM. Movie afternoon: keep to theme with The Great Beauty (La Grande Belleza). Look bellissima in Olivia Von Halle’s Lila Joy Pajamas in chartreuse.

Wednesday: Return Aunt Sue’s golf shoes (so handy during the ice storm). Buy lots of crackers for party. Audition party outfits: Madame Aime’s Mauvais Garcons Pajamas? Completely stunning. Dinner at the deli.

Thursday: Bundle of nerves. Work it off at freestyle dance session, 11 AM. New John Le Carré for the afternoon. Wrap up in new Zynni cashmere robe. Pink facial.

Friday: Sound check, 2PM. Ice sculpture, 3PM. Cute waiters, 4 PM. Look charming, 5PM, in Morpho + Luna’s Chloe Floral Silk Gown.

Saturday: Donkey Rescue Luncheon at noon with Mother. Choir practice at 3 with Father. Fall apart at 8 with X. Order a pizza. Wear a surprise from Jane’s Vanity.

Sunday: Renew my passport. Wash Aunt Sue’s dog. Start another season of Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries. Next week: Jury duty!

-Kate L

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