The Blues

In my hand I cradle a little bead bracelet, purchased on the street, near the Mexican border. I chose it from an assortment, just cinco pesos. The turquoise blue color of the beads caught my eye, strung together with red twine. The added feature of an “evil eye” bead sealed the deal. A little work of art. A little tribute to blue.

The color of water and sky, the happy color: blue. The color of birds eggs and flowers and ink. Simple, prim, ingenuous. Or cool, jewel-like, profound. Silk absorbs blue in a special way. The result is a dancing assortment of colors that are perfect for lingerie. One garment would hardly be enough. Get the blues. Lots of them. Start a collection from Jane’s Vanity.

Begin with a flirty blue: Valery’s Prestige Silk Romper in teal. Its boyish charm accents the lace-up back and deep lace bosom. Tag, you’re it.

Next, a blue that struts: be bold in the Gina Peacock Chemise from Gilda & Pearl. Short in length, long on elegance, enhanced by rushed bosom, gold lace, and plunging criss-cross back. Attract attention and promise to reciprocate in kind.

Try the jazzy blue of Christine Vancouver’s Gatsby Patterned Velvet loungewear. Its vibrant burnout mix of blue, purple, red, and gold nicely complement the slinky shapes. Smolder in the simple gown that drops from spaghetti straps to reveal a low draped back and side slit. Or wrap yourself in the sumptuous matching robe or kimono for a kaleidoscopic night.

Don’t forget the French: Cadolle’s Gloria Galaxie Bralette Set takes the breath away in that deep watery blue that recalls old chateaux and Paris nights. So Rive Gauche with the update of sporty embellished racerback straps. Vive la France!

You will want a saturated painterly blue: the Perminova Cobalt Gown from Olivia Von Halle. A backward glance shows off its deep drape down your spine. A swish of the hip places its train. You are portrait-ready.

Wrap it up in lavender: Valery’s Jeans Plunge Lingerie Set could start a controversy. Is the lace lavender blue or washed denim? Is it the prettiest bra set ever? Get opinions.

And enjoy the freshness, the subtlety, the seductiveness of blue!

-Kate L

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