A Closer Look

A passing glance, a second look. What is that certain something you project? The offhand feeling of knowing you are subtly, but perfectly, put together.

In a similar vein, perhaps you think you know someone, then, suddenly, they surprise. You are the one who must look again.

Two French lingerie lines offer a tantalizing second look. Marjolaine and Vaninna Vesperini whisper, “You think you know us, but wait…”

Seventy years ago in Lyon, Marjolaine was a little shop selling woolens, layettes, and tapestries. After World War II, the family began to design its own line of lingerie, with a vintage feel. Their signature style, of silk embellished with lace, is called “incrustation.” Each piece of lace is cut and laid by hand. A simple silk chemise comes alive with the addition of the finest lace from Calais. New technology and new generations continue to build on the original idea.

Take a closer look at the silk and lace pairings of today’s Marjolaine, available from JV. Breathe in the incredible color combinations. The contrast might be vivid: cherry on fuchsia, coral on iris, caramel on lilac. Or, quite subtle: black on midnight blue, or even silver grey on silver grey. The color choices suit each garment in a special way, from a darkly sophisticated plunging bodice to a jazzy champagne-toned racer-back. Each piece is a work of art. Don’t miss any of them.

French designer Vaninna Vesperini returns to JV as an old friend. With a dramatic and abundant gift of burnished metallic lace. Vesperini is well-known in France for her whimsical caraco styles (lace-trimmed v-neck tops with spaghetti straps, to us). The French phrase “dessous-dessus,” or lingerie doubling as outerwear, might have been coined just for her. But Vespirini’s latest looks are more studied and seductive, perhaps inspired by the extravagant possibilities of antique lace. The gilded Opera bra sets, trimmed in red or black, are a sophisticated delight. The deeply gilded Opera camisole set in gold silk is pure elegance. Be sure to notice.

Don’t forget your friends. Feel the love. Wear the best.

-Kate L

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